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The Charity owns two separate allotment fields situated at Northampton Road and at Stevens Street (off Logan Street) in Market Harborough. At present there are approximately 160 cultivated allotments and in recent years the Charity has undertaken considerable work to upgrade and enhance both facilities. Each allotment field has good access and mains water supplies and at the Stevens Street field in particular the Charity has also implemented a programme of environmental improvements to include the creation of several ponds and a programme of shrub and tree planting.

raised-bedsThe Charity have recently completed the installation of five raised bed areas, with the help of the Leicestershire Community Payback Team, which are now available at our Northampton Road Site for those who struggle to reach down, are wheelchair bound or have other mobility issues.  The raised beds have been constructed of railway sleepers with hard surface wheelchair accessible surrounding areas and will allow people to take an active role in planting, weeding and harvesting their vegetables and be part of the allotment community. The cost of the raised bed areas is £10 per bed per year. Please contact the Charity office for further information.

Applications are invited for either site however applicants should be aware that there is a waiting list and a relatively infrequent turnover of vacant plots.  At present the anticipated wait for a plot is in the region of one year.  Please note that the place in the queue indicated on our website when you first apply, does not take into account unprocessed applications at the office and therefore is indicative only.  Once you have submitted an application, you will be allocated an individual reference number and we can then give you a better idea of your place on our waiting list.

How to apply for an allotment

Please visit our online form area to register and submit your application.
Visit our online form area here

Alternatively download our PDF form, print and return the completed form to us.
Download PDF application form here.

Once your application has been processed you will be supplied with your personal code which will allow you to check your position in the queue by entering it below.

Check your place in the queue

  • There are currently 11 people in the queue for Northampton Road.
  • There are currently 8 people in the queue for Steven Street.

Allotment Newsletters

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Allotment Open Day – 10th July 2016

Fun was had by all at the Charity’s first ever Allotment Open Day at Stevens Street


Stevens Street Allotments